Chronicle of Events

The chronicle of events is made according to the establishment of evolution for the back-stage editing. It will be updated continuously in the future and shown in descending order.
Date Sumary
2016.11.26 Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SSK of JeJu National University, ‎Republic of Korea
2016.11.26 Hold the activity of “1126 Tourists from Longpu Going to Sakakeng” for 2016 Sanyin Walking Day
2016.11.25-26 Center for Haishan Research holds internationally academic workshop with the theme of “Order, Governance, Industry: Review of Political and Economic Development Context in East Asia in Modern Times”
2016.10.05 The completion, commissioning and opening ceremony of Museum of the Center for Haishan Research
2016.08 Obtain the subsidy for the program of “Museum of the Center for Haishan Research──Digital Humanities Expansion Case” from Ministry of Education
2016.04 Establish Museum of the Center for Haishan Research (located in Block A of F6 in the Library Building)
2016.03 Acquire the planned subsidies from Toshiba Foundation with the duration of 3 years
2015.05 Center for Haishan Research is established