National Taipei University is located in the Haishan area, which includes today’s Sanxia, Yingge, Shulin, Tucheng, Banqiao, Zhonghe, Yonghe Districts of the New Taipei City and parts of the Xinzhuang District (New Taipei City) and Daxi District (Taoyuan City). This area was the action space of our ancestors since old times and is still the political, economic, and cultural nucleus of the New Taipei City, harboring abundant  historical and industrial culture.

National Taipei University, as an important institute of higher education in the Haishan area, established the center of “Haishan Research” in May, 2015, to promote regional studies and make contribution to the community. The center set up a gallery on the 6th floor of the Building A, Main Library, which provides a permanent exhibition illustrating the following subjects: “Evolution”, “Early Development and Ethnic Groups”, “Traditional Industries”, “Landscape”, “Historical Sites and Buildings”, “Arts and Literature”, and “Archive”.  These subjects depict the expansion, settlement, and heritage of the Haishan area, while the gallery provides a space for future exhibitions.

We sincerely invite you to this intellectual and sentient space and wish our exhibition can be the doorway ushering you to the first encounter with Haishan.