Director Chun-keung Chan

EducationPhD, Graduate Institute of History, National Taiwan Normal University

Specialty:History of Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, History of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Chinese Traditional Law

Research:team Research Room 27, 8F, Humanity Building


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Associate Professor Chien-jung Hung

Education:PhD, Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University

Specialty:Taiwan’s Social and Cultural History in Qing Dynasty, Taiwan’s Chorography, Taiwan’s Regional History, History of Western learning Spreading to the East in Modern Times

Research:team Research Room 12, 8F, Humanity Building


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Associate Professor Shih-hsuan Lin

Education:PhD, Department of History, National Chengchi University

Specialty:History of Qing Dynasty, Archives of Qing Dynasty, Manchu Literature

Research:team Research Room 20, 8F, Humanity Building


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Education:PhD,Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University

Specialty:Machine learning, man-machine interaction modeling and control, robot, vehicle navigation and path planning, bio-electromechanical, intelligent control

Research:Room 05, 8F, Department of Law

Laboratory:Intelligent Modeling & Control Lab


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