Organizational Structure

The Center sets 1 center director and the president hires the full-time professor or researcher in relevant fields to act as part-time center director so as to drive the development of the Center, as well as integrate and coordinate the internal organization. According to the functions of research groups, the Center has set up “Historical Culture Group”, “Social and Economic Change Group”, “Innovation and Promotion Group” and other research groups, with one convener and several researchers in each group. The center director will recommend the teacher or researcher above the assistant professor or research assistant in related field of NTPU to the president to hire him or her to act as a part-time convener to coordinate and promote the research work in this group. Meanwhile, postdoctor and other experienced talents are collected from relevant fields to act as researchers so as to take charge of the research, formulation, implementation, etc. of relevant research plans.

In order to meet the demands of research and promotion, the Center has hired the researchers and administrative staff and also invited the domestic and foreign experts and scholars as visiting researchers. The Center has set up the advisory committee and the center director will hire the on-campus and off-campus scholars and experts as committee members to discuss the development direction of the Center, evaluate the implementation outcomes of various research plans regularly and provide the business consulting services of the Center.